Project Management

This course is a comprehensive introduction to development project management. Designed for students and professionals who want to build or increase their skills in project management and are looking to work with international development organizations. This course will teach you the most important concepts in project management, such as the project life-cycle, process management, roles and responsibilities of a project manager, organizational structures, program and portfolio management and use of various management techniques. Students participate in discussions as part of the assignments and receive feedback from the course instructor.

Content and Performance Goals

Duration: 40 hours
Course prerequisite: Students/early career/professionals

Content Goals

  • Upon successful completion of the course participants will understand the key concepts and definitions of project management frameworks.
  • The course covers the project cycle, digital tools, success factors and the management processes, identify project structures.

Performance Goals

  • Apply theories of career development and decision-making.
  • Identify and utilize major sources of career information and resources.
  • Describe and utilize the major tools used in career counseling assessment.
  • Career counseling identification process, techniques and strategies.

Course Outline

Module 1. Fundamentals of Project Management (2hrs.)

Module 2. Effective Project Management (2hrs.)

Module 3. Development Project Management (4hrs.)

Module 4. Project Management Processes (4hrs.)

Module 5. The Project Management Cycle (4hrs.)

Module 6. Roles, Responsibilities and Skills (4hrs.)

Module 7. Adaptive Project Management (4hrs.)

Module 8. Leadership in Project Management (4hrs.)

Module 9. Project Management Structures (4hrs.)

Module 10. Integrated Project Management (4hrs.)

Module 11. Mastering Project Management (4hrs.)

Course Curriculum