Career Counselling

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of career development and the role of the career counselor. The course is designed to examine theories of career development and decision making, sources of occupational information and methods of career counseling, assessment and program planning. Students will have the opportunity to practice various career counseling techniques and gain an understanding of their own career development. Ethical and legal issues, contemporary trends and application of career counseling models to a variety of populations in institutions and community settings will be explored.

Course Goals

Duration: 40 hours
Course prerequisite: Students/early career/professionals
  1.  Career development and decision-making.
  2. Principles of career program development and implementation.
  3.  Learn the principles of career and educational placement.
  4.  Discuss the use of technology in career counselling including computers as sources of information, appropriate World Wide Web sites, and computer-assisted guidance programs.
  5.  Explore modern trends and issues in career counselling and the delivery of services to the community.
  6.  Applications for career guidance and planning toward success.
  7.  Explore legal and ethical implications in career counselling.

Performance Goals

  1.  Apply theories of career development and decision-making.
  2.  Identify and utilize major sources of career information and resources.
  3.  Describe and utilize the major tools used in career counseling assessment.
  4.  Career counseling identification process, techniques and strategies.

Course Outline

  • Module 1. Introduction/Overview (4hrs.)
  • Module 2. Theories and Techniques of Career Development and Decision Making (4hrs.)
  • Module 3. Sources of Occupation Information (8hrs.)
  • Module 4. Use of Technology in Career Counseling (8hrs.)
  • Module 5. Use of Assessment in Career Counseling (4hrs.)
  • Module 6. Career Development Program Planning in Community Settings (4hrs.)
  • Module 7. Career Counseling Needs of Special Populations (4hrs.)
  • Module 8. Career Planning and Placement Counseling Settings (4hrs.)

Course Curriculum